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COVID Safe Procedures for pre-season activities (v1.0 26 Aug 2020)

1. The Club will ensure all relevant COVID posters provided by BaseballNSW are erected prior to trials. 

2. The Club will appoint a COVID Marshall to enforce these rules

3. All volunteers must acknowledge and follow these procedures.  If you have not spoken to the COVID Marshall (Mark Highfield or delegate) to be inducted in these procedures on the day of the trials, then you cannot participate.

4. Each player and maximum 1 parent are to check in on arrival.  One parent may remain on the field where a child requires parental supervision during trials (expected for T-Ball only).  Otherwise parents should leave the field.  No other spectators.  (This is a BaseballNSW directive)

5. The Club has a QR code for COVID Check-in and a backup paper form for manual sign in.  The COVID Marshall must sanitise pen in between use or write down the check-in details of families that do not check in via the QR Code.  Please arrive 15 minutes early so check in can be completed before trials commence. 

(After training commences) Once teams are selected, each team must have a COVID Officer (probably the manager) and we will be able to use the baseball line-up as our check-in record so long as all officials AND carers names are recorded.  This line-up must be photographed and emailed to the Club’s Recorder along with the Results Sheet.

6. All players, coaches and helpers must use hand sanitizer on arrival.  No sharing of bats or helmets.  COVID Marshall will sanitise helmets and bats for any players that don't have their own. 

(After training commences) If sharing is required, then the COVID Officer for that team must sanitise each helmet and bat after each use.

7.  All coaches, helpers and parents must observe social distancing as much as possible.  All players must avoid unnecessary physical interaction with other players and coaches.  No handshakes, high-fives or other interaction. Elbow bumps are acceptable. 

8. COVID Marshall will sanitise toilet door handles, taps etc before and at least every hour during the trials / grading session. 

9. All players, coaches and helpers must use hand sanitizer on departure.

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