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Aussie T-Ball is run on community spirit, where communities and families come together for the shared love of sport and for the benefit of children.

Aussie T-Ball offers a fantastic game to introduce children to physical activity in a safe, non-contact, fun environment.

As a parent you can be guaranteed that your child will be participating in a safe, fun, well-run activity.


This summer we are offering an exciting entry level program for children, aged 5-6, who want to try the wonderful world of T-Ball and Baseball. Our in-house program, based at Murray Farm Reserve, runs on Friday afternoons (5:30 PM -7:00 PM) from October to December (School Term 4).

 What is Aussie T-Ball?

  • Aussie T-Ball is an exciting new, modified version of baseball for children aged 5-6
  • Sessions combine a structured, fun-based skills development with non-competitive match play
  • The focus is on maximum involvement and fun
  • Children of all abilities get an equal chance to participate
  • It is a six-a-side, bat and ball game that is all about being active and having FUN
  • Children get to practice the foundation skills of throwing, catching, hitting and running that are required for baseball and many other sports
  • All playing and safety equipment is supplied

When will Aussie T-Ball be held?

  • Sessions will run from 60-90 minutes, once per week
  • Our in-house program is based at Murray Farm Reserve – no travelling!!
  • We will be running a flexible program, commencing October and running through to December.
  • New players, friends and family can join the program at any time

What does it cost?

Our super low, all-inclusive fee of $90 covers;

  • all registration and insurances
  • access to all of our programs, from October - December
  • a fun-filled Participation Pack which includes
        • Glove
        • Ball
        • Carlingford Baseball Cap
        • Aussie T Ball T Shirt
        • other goodies

How do we find out more?

We recommend you download our informative Aussie T Ball FAQ

Contact Andrew Borg on 0412 654 182 or by email at tball@carlingfordbaseball.com.au


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