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Hills Junior Baseball Association

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Bat Limits as stated in the Hills Junior Baseball Association Rule Book (Rule 6.7) 

6.7 (a)

Bats used in Liveball and Modball shall be one piece of solid round hardwood or wood-composite, or in conferences other than Youth League, one piece of hollow metal (aluminium, magnesium or similar). The specifications for allowable bats are shown in each Conference Rule Sheet. The specifications shown are, in order:-

  1. i)  Material

  2. ii)  Maximum Length

  3. iii)  Combination of diameter & weight/length differential. This is expressed as a maximum weight/length differential for each published diameter.

  4. iv)  Note that several combinations of diameter & weight/length differential may be published. 

    Specifications are (for more details visit the link to the Hills rule book above):

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