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 Cleats Baseball Glove Batting Gloves
 Socks Cup Batting Helmet
 Baseball Pants  Baseball Bat
 Belt  Undershirts
 Club Baseball Cap  Sunglasses
* Playing Shirts loaned to players for duration of the season

**Helmets and Bats available in team equipment kit for most age groups


All prices are subject to change without notice

#Velcro Club Cap - $20

#Premium Flexifit Club Cap - $25

Club Socks - $12

Red Club Belt - $12

#Junior Playing Shirts - Loaned to players as part of registration (must be returned at end of season)

#Seniors Sublimated Playing Shirts - $70 ($5 premium for late orders)

Uniform Packs from Red Stitches Thornleigh

- $50 Pre live ball (includes black pants, belt, protector and socks)

- $85 Live ball (includes black pants, belt, protector and socks)

#Training Shirts

Kids/Juniors (sizes 8 -16) $15   

Seniors (sizes S - 5XL) $20

#Supporters Shirt$30

#Club Supporters Jacket - $70

PLEASE NOTE: # Denotes items only available for loan or purchase through the club!

All prices are subject to change without notice


  • Uniform items are available from the Murray Farm Club Canteen and 'Red Stitches' in Thornleigh.
  • Junior playing shirts are loaned to players and need to be returned at the end of season. These will be given to players by team managers prior to starting the first game.
  • All other items need to be purchased by players before the start of season.
  • 'Uniform Packs' (see above) can be purchased directly from Red Stitches at 6/5 Sefton Road, Thornleigh. A small stock of socks, and belts will be available at Murray Farm. It is advised that you purchase these items through Red Stitches to avoid disappointment.
  • All other uniform items will be available at the Murray Farm Club Canteen and are shown with a # above. 
  • To place an order now email treasurer@carlingfordbaseball.com.au and uniforms@carlingfordbaseball.com.au advising which items you wish to purchase. You will receive an email with a link to pay the invoice shortly thereafter.
  • Uniform pick ups can be arranged with our uniform officer at uniforms@carlingfordbaseball.com.au

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